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Architectural Scale Modeling

Architectural scale modelling is now faster and more affordable than ever thanks to 3D printing! Showing your client plans of the future house is passé, showing 3D renders or a 3D walkthrough is better,, but nothing beats the experience of having a 3D printed model on the table. It adds the sense of live view, touch, even smell (this house printed in Bamboo filament) and the client gets to keep it in exhibition with your logo on it :)

We offer all in one solutions that will make your work easy and more efficient. As an example, this Mounting Frame for inverted microscopes has 2 breadboards to support your other instruments. It allows you to mount your setup and be able to remove it easily when you call it a day, to free the microscope for other uses, and store your entire setup ready mounted for your next use. Just plug everything back and play.

This customizable Physiological Chamber is designed for cell and tissue culture, and manipulation. It can be modified to mount on top of any microscope. This particular example has built-in channels for temperature control, as well as inlets and outlets for controlling the culture medium. It comes in a single 3D printed piece of acrylic with barbed fitting threads, M6 threads, all in one step.

Pumping and injection systems can be custom-designed to fit with the rest of your tools and instruments. We have developed an ecosystem of versatile scientific tools that fits the standards. With 3D printing, we can produce shapes that would be impossible on other processes while reducing costs on processing steps, by choosing the right 3D printing process and materials for each component and module.

Our tools for experiments on cell growth in micro-gravity environment, on the International Space Station, and being very compact can be integrated in a closed loop apparatus to automate the process as much as possible and make it simple for the staff to handle. This Schematic pictures shows a standard ISS locker and the pumping system and sensors for 2-mounth mission. Each locker can take many capsules, all get back to Earth for more experiments..

We like high tech projects, but we also like to give back to our community. 
These custom-designed LEGO-like bricks were made for the Robotics Team Les Éclairs de Saint-Gérard, at Saint-Gérard elementary school in Montreal. They were used at the First Lego League contest in Montréal and in Saint Louis at the finals! They won first place on the provincial contest and we like to think we contributed to their success.

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